rust crate to simplify the process of accepting monero using subaddresses

Android Termux Node

Run a Monero Node on Android using Termux

BCH-XMR Atomic Swaps

A bounty has been opened to make BCH<->XMR atomic swaps a reality! The Donate button will open the bounty page (BCH address in comments)

Bitejo Trade peer-to-peer with your friends, community and the world. Cash, Bitcoin, Monero – KYC-free

Cake Wallet

Mobile Monero / BTC / LTC wallet


Active / in progress proposals

Community Art Fund

Crowdfunding site to commission Monero related Art

Core Team

As stewards of the project, the Core Team manages and maintains infrastructure where centralization cannot be avoided (domains, website, github repositories…).


CryptoWoo enables WooCommerce store owners to easily accept various cryptocurrencies - including Monero


Mine Monero from SERVERSIDE node.js with C++ XMRIG(No complicated install) (Linux/Windows)

ETH-XMR Atomic Swaps

A bounty to make the first mainnet ETH <-> XMR tx here

Farcaster Atomic Swaps BTC-XMR

I like Monero

Feather Wallet

Multi-OS Desktop wallet for Monero


Esperanto for Marketplace.

Generic XMR Scanner

A generic online scanner/searcher for Monero view-keys. Features include detection of possible spends. More info / dockerfile / screenshot @ github!


Decentralised Monero Exchange, are you a dev? we need your help! Visit our bounties page (\(250-\)2500 up for grabs!)


Plug a USB stick into any computer and temporarily turn it into an XMR miner, p2pool node, and/or monero blockchain node is a curated list of exchanges and services which do not require KYC and can be trusted. It only lists exchanges who support BTC and/or XMR.


I like Monero

MAGIC Monero Fund

Welcome the new MAGIC Monero Fund committee!

Mastering Monero

This book contains everything you need to know to start using Monero in your business or day-to-day life, even if you’ve never understood or interacted with cryptocurrencies before.

Mirage Sale

Buy and sell locally, using crypto. Search for anything you’d like, or list something you no longer need.

Mnemonic Cards

Create a uniquely ordered deck of cards that can be used to recover the mnemonic phrase. Recommended to use offline

Monero Bounties

I like Monero

Monero Deposit Scanner

Open-source, client-side deposit scanner for Monero wallets.

Monero Graphics

Monero graphics that can be used by everyone. Share them with your friends and let’s spread the Monero love!

Monero GUI Wallet

Multi OS Monero desktop wallet

Monero Guides

Making useful guides for non technical users; Our Youtube Channel

Monero Javascript Library

A Node.js library for creating Monero applications using RPC and WebAssembly bindings to monero

Monero Light Wallet Server

Monero Light Wallet Server (scans monero viewkeys and implements mymonero API)

Monero Merchant

Monero Merchant is a RESTful API wrapper for the official Monero wallet RPC. This project is mainly for merchants who hope to accept Monero as payment

Monero Moon

The Monero Moon is a curated weekly newsletter regarding all things Monero.

Monero Observer

Everything that moves in the Monero community.

Monero Outreach

This workgroup is focused on getting Monero out there, gathering artists, writers, and anyone who wishes to make Monero known to the world.

Monero Policy Workgroup

The Monero Policy Working Group (MPWG) is a loosely formed quorum of individuals that contribute to the Monero open-source project. The goal of MPWG is to work with regulators, policy makers, and the wider financial services sector to ensure broad understanding of Monero, and other privacy-preserving cryptocurrencies, is communicated.

Monero Proxy

HTTP proxy server intended to sit in front of a real Monerod node. Your wallet (or other app that needs a node) can talk to the proxy just as if it was talking to the node directly, but with some nice extra features.

Monero Public Events

We organise public events to spread Monero to a wider audience e.g. CryptoCurrency village @ defcon

Monero Python

A comprehensive Python library for handling Monero

Monero Research Lab

I like Monero

Monero Space Workgroup

Monero Space is an active, project-focused Monero workgroup that provides services to the Monero community. Join our forum

Monero Support

A team of volunteers who provide technical support for Monero users


MoneRoar is an onion site mainly dedicated to Monero stuff, with a stance towards privacy. (Tor browser required to access site)

Funding required (see Plujas ccs proposal)

Moneroocean Telegram Bot

A nice tool to check your current mining statistics within your messenger (Extra features coming soon)


Monero payment gateway (API) for incoming and outgoing transactions hosts a collection of research papers relevant to improving Monero, powered by the WIKINDX open source software.


Reporting on ‘Free’ ‘Speech’ ‘Money’. Hosted by @DouglasTuman and @SunChakr Let’s hang in 🏝 @monerotopia. To support the show send a tip to monerotalk.crypto on @cakewallet


An android mobile wallet for Monero. We’re raising funds to make an iOS proof of concept! Click the donate button for more info


The simplest way to use the next-generation private digital currency Monero, at the sweet spot between security, convenience, and features

Onion Monero Blockchain Explorer

I like Monero

OptOut Podcast

Welcome to Opt Out, where I sit down with passionate people to learn why privacy matters to them, the tools and techniques they’ve found and leveraged, and where we encourage and inspire others towards personal privacy and data-sovereignty.


I like Monero


The perfect p2p Monero Mining pool. 0% fees / 0 XMR payout and decentralised and much, much more. Here is a ‘Quick start Guide’ video on youtube!


PiNode-XMR is a completely free and open source suite of tools to help a user run their own Monero node with ease.


Primo (Private Monero payments) is a protocol and set of software which enables a party to require payment for service.

Resilience 365

‘Be resilient all year round’ A privacy / monero related blog with a highlight being the monero timeline that I’ve tried to piece together here

Revuo Monero

Weekly Monero newsletter archive here


Enterprise-Grade Monero Wallet. Convenient. Secure. Non-custodial. RINO’s community is a hub for tools and resources provided by RINO to the Monero community.


if you want to learn about how exactly Monero wallets produce and process outputs, have a look at TechWallet, a testnet-only learner’s and experimenter’s web wallet

The Open Economy Initiative

We envision a future where cryptocurrency transactions are the standard, transfer fees are minimal, and money is uncensorable.

The Orange Album

I like Monero


A multi-crypto crowdfunding page. Still a WiP but the dockerised version is @ the github link above. A running testnet example can be seen here

Writers - Influencers

These people share their thoughts via blogs / social media to spread the word of Monero and Privacy!

XMR Radio

Welcome to XMR radio. Music, to hack the planet to!

XMR-BTC Atomic Swap GUI

I like Monero


This site will guide you through the process of setting up a Monero wallet on Tails and Whonix.

XMRig for Android

Mine Monero from your android device


Anarkio Crypto

Agora, anarchy, action! #Bitcoin #Monero #NoKYC. An info page on practical Bitcoin/Monero use cases, circular economy, privacy, tech, etc here


I like Monerujo! Medium blog


I like Monero

Binary Fate

I like Monero


I like Monero


I like Monero


I like Monero


I like Monero

Crypt0 Bear

I like Monero

Crypto Grampy

I like Monero

Csilla Bri𝕄er

Relentlessly cheerful. Monero. Privacy advocate


I like Monero

Douglas Tuman

I like Monero getmonero.orgOur CCS

Dr. Aaron feikert

I like Monero My CCS


Creator of Featherwallet, Monero GUI contributor. Mastodon


I like Monero


I like Monero


I like Monero My CCS


I like Monero My CCS awaiting feedback


Aka ArcticMine

Garry Lachman

I like Monero


I like Monero

Guy Willett

I like Monero


I like Monero

Howard Chu

I like Monero


I like Monero


I like Monero

Jethro Grassie

I like Monero

John Foss

I like Monero


Privacy enthusiast who started sharing some of my monero / privacy related thoughts on the blog

Justin Berman

I like Monero getmonero.orgMy CCS

Justin Ehrenhofer

I like Monero


I like Monero

Karl Buys

Co-maintainer and core developer of MyMonero. Lead MyMonero Android app developer


Wallet developer, atomic swap enthusiast, and budding cryptographer


I like Monero


I like Monero


I like Monero


I like Monero

Matt Millen

I like Monero


Fixes things, helps and keeps an eye on the stats. My Monero Health Report. Lately writing tools for MRL as well. My CCS


I like Monero


I like Monero


hello 👋, I’m Elizabeth aka noot aka elizabethereum 🐀 - I like distributed systems, cryptography, privacy and of course blockchain

Norman Schenck

I like Monero

Paul Shapiro

I like Monero

Plow SoF

I like Monero and BCH, TownForge too! :)


My CCS idea


I like Monero My CCS


I like Monero

Riccardo Spagni

Chief Entertainment Officer


I like Monero

Robert Hambrock

I like Monero


👀 I’m interested in end-to-end software solutions that are easy to use by non-techy people.


I like Monero


I like Monero My CCS


I like Monero


I like Monero


I like Monero


I do monero release engineering, handle the pull request merge queue and do smaller dev work for CLI and GUI. My CCS


Security researcher – author of Mastering Monero @masteringxmr – writes about blockchain, cryptocurrencies, information security and much more – 🇮🇹

Seth Simmons

I like Monero


I like Monero


Free software advocate, hacker, developer at


I like Monero


I like Monero


Free Money, Software and Hardware activist. Main IT guy, help us spread Monero in Lithuania!

Sunita Tuman

I like Monero getmonero.orgOur CCS


I like Monero

Ted Moravec

I like Monero


I like Monero


I like Monero


Best known for 2 issues i found reg. unlock_time here and here


I like Monero My CCS

U koe HB

I like Monero My CCS


I like Monero


I like Monero

Vik Sharɱa 🇺🇸

I like Monero


I like Monero My CCS


I have a work in progress monero library in Go. Currently, I am working on implementing jamtis. Crtiticism needed and welcome.


I like Monero


I like Monero